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CAP's high standards of excellence place us ahead of our competitors by ensuring that our clients achieve their desired outcome.

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CAP's Staff

Our staff consists of in-house counsel, top operation managers, IT representatives and experienced appearance attorneys from all legal fields.

Court Appearance Professionals (CAP) is owned and operated by an attorney solely devoted to covering Court hearings. The staff is assembled from the top operation managers, account representatives and appearance attorneys in the industry. Our proactive approach to changes in the legal field, combined with over years' experience, puts CAP ahead of the rest.

CAP understands that every appearance is unique and requires specific attention. Each client is assigned a personal account manager ensuring that the appearing attorney is the most knowledgeable in the field of your appearance. Our in-house counsel is also available to guide our attorneys with any legal issues related to the appearance.


Other appearance firms are not owned and operated by an attorney. Most appearance firms are run on a part-time basis without a significant support staff to provide you with professional service.

Competitive Pricing

CAP offers flat rate appearances ranging between $65.00-$125.00, depending on the type of hearing and location.

Most court appearances range from $65.00-$125.00, depending on the hearing type and location. We offer flat fees with NO hidden transportation, parking, late or cancellation charges. Additionally, discounted rates are available for multiple hearings.


Other firms typically have hidden fees, charge cancellation fees and apply extra costs if a request is submitted the day of the hearing or after business hours.

Attorney Owned and Operated

As a firm owned and operated by an attorney, CAP understands the value of competent local counsel and quality results.

Upon graduating from law school, attorney Steve Levy opened the Law Offices of Steve Levy & Associates and handled court appearances in several areas of law. In addition to personal injury, criminal and bankruptcy hearings, Mr. Levy has over years of experience in all aspects of collection litigation.

In 2002 Mr. Levy expanded his practice nationwide by founding Court Appearance Professionals, the leading provider of appearance attorneys across the country. Mr. Levy manages over 15,000 attorneys and has been extremely successful in assisting his clients collect millions of dollars. His strong commitment to his clients has earned him an outstanding reputation in the legal community.


Other firms are not owned and operated by an attorney and do not have an in-house attorney actively involved in the day-to-day processes. They are unable guide their appearance attorneys with any legal issues related to the appearance.

Setting the Standards for Compliance and Security

Court Appearance Professionals (CAP) has taken a proactive role in vendor compliance and created a thorough Policies and Procedures Manual that sets the standard for the industry in company operating procedures, internal controls, mutually understood policies, and legal protection.

CAP’s website (www.appearanywhere.com) is secured using SSL (secured sockets layer) and 128-bit data encryption. Our compliance and security policies will meet the strict standards established by your clients. To read more, please request a copy of our Policies and Procedures Manual.


Most companies are not solely devoted to covering court hearings. They have not invested the time and money necessary for compliance and security. They do not have a written policies and procedures manual nor a secure website. They therefore do not meet the strict requirements set forth for vendor compliance.

Results Analysis

Our Results Analysis team is completely devoted to making sure the appearance results are thorough and complete.

The appearance results are designed to make you feel like you personally attended the hearing.

CAP has a department dedicated to managing your results. Our Results team compares each outcome submitted by the appearance attorney to the desired result and verifies that every issue has been addressed. This process ensures that every client receives the entire summary of what occurred in court. Our strategy improves outcomes for our clients and streamlines the court appearance process.

Results are emailed and may be accessed through our website within 24 hours of the appearance.


In order to save money and increase their profit margin, many of our competitors do not have a results analysis team, leaving you with an incomplete picture of what occurred at the hearing.

Our Strategy

Our 4-step procedure ensures simplicity, reliability, and guaranteed results.

  1. The Request-Once CAP's calendaring team receives your request, an account manager is assigned.
  2. Scheduling - After a thorough assessment of your request, we assign an attorney with experience in the particular area of law to attend your hearing.
  3. The Appearance - The designated attorney appears and presents your position as instructed.
  4. Results - Results are available online within 24 hours of the appearance. A detailed report of the hearing will also be emailed to you.

Read more on "How it Works".


Other firms may not have specific departments focused on each aspect of the appearance. This leaves room for errors such as missed hearings, insufficient documentation, and late results.